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Alcohol Breath Tester

The breath alcohol tester is packed with features other alcohol testers can't match. Using a proprietary electrochemical sensor (fuel cell), it provides highly accurate alcohol test results in seconds and allows you to store them in its built-in memory. It is fully compatible with the optional portable printer. 
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First Aid Box

I. First aid box consist of all essential medicines. 
II. Available in plastic box/ stainless steel box 
III. First Aid Boxes are available for 10 workers, above 10 to 50 workers & above 50 workers as per Factories Rule 1963. 
IV. Available in A Type / B Type / C Type. 
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Hand Held Metal Detector

We offer highly advanced Hand-Held Metal Detector used for detecting metal on human body or any objectionable object for the security purpose. Hand-Held Security Metal Detector has high sensitivity to detect even minutest amount of metals. 
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Lockout Tagout KIT

 Safety  LOCKOUT & TAGOUT products for energy isolation  : Safety hasp, different  circuit breaker lockout, electrical panel lockout, multipurpose lockout, electrical plug lockout, padlocks, tags, emergency push button lockout ,valve lockout, cylinder lockout,  ball valve lockout, lockout station / center/kit---------etc. 
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Wind sock

We are leading supplier of wind sock, red & white wind sock, fluorescent wind sock, reflective wind sock, striped wind sock, wind sock with iron stand, pu coated wind sock and water proof wind sock.